Mini-Lesson Reflection

My mini lesson I am submitting to my peer reviewer is a 1st grade lesson relating to understanding the needs of plants. The main inquiry element being focused on within this lesson is the appropriate use of technology. Students will be using a virtual simulator to experiment with giving tomato plants different amounts of water,Continue reading “Mini-Lesson Reflection”

Inquiry Based Learning and Mini Lesson Brainstorm

As I begin looking at the mini-lesson examples and criteria, my first concern comes from the age of my students. I teach 1st grade and I worry that what would be considered a “mini lesson” in 1st grade is not in-depth enough for this assignment. Realistically, a science block is less than 45 minutes andContinue reading “Inquiry Based Learning and Mini Lesson Brainstorm”

Transitioning to a Growth Mindset

I can file this week’s readings under “Tough Pills To Swallow”… I do not have a growth mindset. In the article Even Geniuses Work Hard by Carol Dweck, I was struck by how much I saw myself in the descriptions of students with Fixed Mindsets. I was in gifted programs and accelerated classes throughout school,Continue reading “Transitioning to a Growth Mindset”

Letting Go

Immediately upon reading Grant Wiggins’ article “Great Teaching Means Letting Go,” my thoughts went to my own students, who are 1st graders. 1st graders require lots of help, from tying their shoes, to managing their emotions, to opening their snacks, and that’s not even mentioning academics. Looking through the lens of instructional technology, my thoughtsContinue reading “Letting Go”

Reflections on Fluency

I first read My Daily Info-Wrangling Routine by Bryan Alexander. The initial thing that really struck me was when he said he has “several hundred feeds in 45 folders” because it sounds so daunting and unnecessary! But then I started thinking about how I would organize information related to my career. As a teacher, thereContinue reading “Reflections on Fluency”